I am  excited to announce phase II of the “Wild Apricot Roll-Out.”

The Keystone-provided software used to administer the HOA is necessarily organized on a per-household basis and does not support the individual accounts we need to support our active social community.  It also does not include non-homeowner residents.

That is why we have set up the Wild Apricot membership management software platform for our community.  Earlier this year we rolled out a password-protected opt-in Directory of Auberge Residents.

Now we are rolling out the Community Blast and Event Management features of this platform.  For the next few weeks, we will  send community information via both AubergeCommunity.org  (Keystone Connect) and AubergeResidents.org (Wild Apricot).

As always, official HOA information will be distributed to Homeowners via Keystone Connect.  Resident communications will be distributed via Wild Apricot.  These communications include newsletters, social event announcements, information about the common area, and reminders about the Community Guidelines.

Community WebsiteWild ApricotTeam Up
WhereAuberge WebsiteAuberge ResidentsTeam Up
WhatHOA Information
Auberge Social InformationClubs & Classes
HowThe Community Website is connected to the KPPM Portal. Use your Portal login credentials to access the community website.Every resident must register to be part of Wild Apricot. If there are two (2) people residing in the property, both will need to register.Contact ASK to schedule your recurring events.

For the next few weeks, all information will be distributed from both websites.  Starting October 7, 2019, all Auberge social information will only be distributed from Wild Apricot.  You must register on Wild Apricot to receive these announcements.  To register for Wild Apricot, follow the steps in the attachment.

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