Below is an update from the Auberge Landscape Committee:

Landscape Update:

Recently I have started to receive feedback from our homeowners regarding the weeds that are beginning to sprout within our community. As Spring is just around the corner we will begin to see new growth on the plants as well as weeds. Green Horizons is anticipating this, and will address your property as soon as possible. As a reminder, they are contracted for 3 days per week and make it through the development on a 4 week rotation. Once the rotation schedule is finalized I will publish, so that you can anticipate when they will be in your area. The landscape committee and myself continue to ask for your patience as Green Horizons continues to learn about our community and get our landscape in order.
They have been working really hard and many of their accomplishments are overlooked. In the eighteen weeks they have been onsite they have completed the following tasks, in addition to trimming and maintaining the front yards.

  • Inspected and repaired our irrigation system
  • Relocated the sprinkler lines in the dog park so they don’t spray on the benches
  • Removed numerous dead plants throughout the community
  • Planted 150+ plants in our common areas
  • Completed a very thorough brush abatement around our entire development
  • Sprayed and fertilized all the cherry laurel bushes (approx. 100+)
  • Fertilized our grassy areas
  • Have started extensive pruning of overgrown plants
  • Completed major pruning and clean up of our decomposed granite pathway
  • Trimmed all the trees in the front of the Clubhouse and entry
  • Removed several trees throughout the community
  • Removed and/or restaked every tree in our development
  • Prepared a landscape design of our front entry (construction to begin soon)

As you can see, they are working really hard to make Auberge a place we can all be proud of. Please be patient.