🧾 Special Vote Clarification from Legal Counsel

At the request of residents, the Board of Directors met with legal counsel on Thursday, February 13, 2020 during an Executive Session of the Board to discuss the legal compliance with the special vote to reverse Community Guideline 2.6.

In the Download link, please find Auberge’s legal counsel’s memorandum regarding the special vote to reverse Community Guideline 2.6.

Download Link

Letter to Owners Regarding Special Vote

🆕 New Lockbox Address Change for HOA Payment

You should have received a letter in the October 2019 billing cycle regarding the new address to send in HOA payments. Please find a copy of the letter attached to this email.

Effective October 2019, please send all HOA assessment payments to the following address:

Auberge Community Association
C/O Keystone Pacific Property Management, LLC
PO BOX 513380
LOS ANGELES, CA 90051-3380

If you are currently signed up for recurring ACH/Direct Debit through Keystone Pacific, no action is needed on your part.

If you make your payments through your own bank’s online bill pay system, please DELETE the payment record and set up a completely new payment with your account number and the new remittance address from your statement. DO NOT edit the payment by changing the address as your payment may be misrouted or returned to you.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Download Copy of Notice

News & Updates

Pool and Spa Closure

Pool Closed Sign

The Pool and Spa at The Club is temporarily closed due to an electrical issue that is currently in repair. The electrical matter is impacting the pool equipment, water heater, and back gates and all power supply to this equipment has been disabled until the electrical issue is repaired. I apologize for the inconvenience, and am confident that the pool will reopen by early next week. At this time, please utilize the other Del Sur pools for your leisure. You will need to have registered with the Ranch House and be given a photo identification badge from the Master Association to enter these facilities. If you have not done so and need a badge, please find the attached “New Member Registration Form” to be completed and sent to the Master Association. All questions regarding the Del Sur amenities should be directed to the Ranch House at (858) 759-1921. When the pool is back online, I will be sure to inform the community.

Download Homeowner Registration Form

Cancelled Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics is cancelled for the weekend due to the pool closure.

Update Survey Link

Please use the following link to take the amenity survey if you have not done so already: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/auberge. The survey can also be accessed by visiting the community website at aubergecommunity.org which will be seen on front page of the website.

General Manager Out-of-Office

Out of Office written on the sand at the beach.

I will be “Out-of-Office” from Friday, August 30th through Friday, September 6th. Questions that require immediate attention can be directed to Christine Rogers, VP of Large Scale for Keystone, at crogers@keystonepacific.com or (949) 430-5803 while I am gone. I will return on Monday, September 9th.

Wild Apricot Roll-Out Phase II

I am  excited to announce phase II of the “Wild Apricot Roll-Out.”

The Keystone-provided software used to administer the HOA is necessarily organized on a per-household basis and does not support the individual accounts we need to support our active social community.  It also does not include non-homeowner residents.

That is why we have set up the Wild Apricot membership management software platform for our community.  Earlier this year we rolled out a password-protected opt-in Directory of Auberge Residents.

Now we are rolling out the Community Blast and Event Management features of this platform.  For the next few weeks, we will  send community information via both AubergeCommunity.org  (Keystone Connect) and AubergeResidents.org (Wild Apricot).

As always, official HOA information will be distributed to Homeowners via Keystone Connect.  Resident communications will be distributed via Wild Apricot.  These communications include newsletters, social event announcements, information about the common area, and reminders about the Community Guidelines.

Community WebsiteWild ApricotTeam Up
WhereAuberge WebsiteAuberge ResidentsTeam Up
WhatHOA Information
Auberge Social InformationClubs & Classes
HowThe Community Website is connected to the KPPM Portal. Use your Portal login credentials to access the community website.Every resident must register to be part of Wild Apricot. If there are two (2) people residing in the property, both will need to register.Contact ASK to schedule your recurring events.

For the next few weeks, all information will be distributed from both websites.  Starting October 7, 2019, all Auberge social information will only be distributed from Wild Apricot.  You must register on Wild Apricot to receive these announcements.  To register for Wild Apricot, follow the steps in the attachment.

Non-Residents Using Our Facilities

Although our vehicle entrance is gated, we are not fully secured. We want use of our facilities to be restricted to our residents and their guests in accordance with our published policies. Our Community Guidelines require that residents accompany their guests while those guests are using facilities in our common areas such as The Club, parks, Dog Park, and Tot Lot. However, we have heard that non-resident pedestrians have been entering our community and using our parks, including the Dog Park. The Board of Directors is considering several measures that will make it more difficult for non-resident pedestrians to enter our community and facilities.

In order to gauge the effectiveness of these future measures, WE NEED YOU TO REPORT unauthorized pedestrians and persons using our facilities to the Association by submitting a Service Request on this website. Your submissions will remain confidential.

Update: Pool and Spa Closure

As we are still waiting for parts to repair the pool and spa pumps power supply, the pool and spa remain closed. I was hoping that the pool and spa would be up and running before the weekend, but unfortunately that is not the case.

I appreciate your patience as we work diligently to get the pool and spa back up and running. I will keep you posted of when the pool and spa will be reopened.

Marty Ignacio
General Manager

Community Fertilization & Ping Pong Table Update

News & Updates with blue background.

Community Fertilization

Starting at 7:00 AM on Wednesday, August 7th, fertilization of the entire community will commence. The fertilization will be performed by Aguilar Landscape and they will be performing a soil drench in the Association Maintained Area (landscape in common areas, front yards, and motor courts). Please keep yourself and any animals away from the treated areas until the application is dried (approximately 2-3 hours). Two standard sized pickup trucks with the equipment will be applying the fertilizer. The noise level of the application is minimal and is no louder than a lawn mower. Please find the official notice attached to this email.

Ping Pong Table

Outside the fitness area there is a ping-pong table that has been temporarily placed to gauge community interest. Ping-pong paddles and a table cover are provided. Paddles and balls can be found in the cabinet near the locker room. Please return all equipment after use, and cover the table to ensure that it is protected.

Auberge Directory

The Auberge Social Network

We have at long last created an opt-in directory to enable Auberge Residents to share contact information.


  • This is the replacement for the paper directory that Jennifer Sahm created.
  • This is the replacement for the community email collection that Bud Taylor created.
  • In the future, we will use this network to distribute information to the Auberge Community.
Network Chart


  1. Go to AubergeResidents.org and click on the join now button.
  2. Fill out the form, entering only the information you want to share with your neighbors.
  3. Use the Avatar field to load a photo. (Optional)
  4. And submit.

After the administrator approves your application, you will get a welcome email and a separate email with your log on credentials.
Once you have logged on, you will be able to download a phone app that makes it even easier to use the Directory.

Please note that participation is limited to Auberge Residents. The administrator will use the Age and Occupancy Survey you submitted to verify your residency.

July 4th Party & June 2019 Newsletter

The Auberge Social Kommittee (ASK) is excited to host the most popular event, the 3rd Annual 4th of July Party, at The Club on Thursday, July 4th. Come an enjoy barbecue, and games with your fellow residents. Price is $25 per person, including guests.

If interested in attending, please write a check to Peggy Sharpe no later than June 28th, and place the check in the “Reservations” box in The Club. No refunds will be given. Substitutions are allowed.