Street Sweeping
Street sweeping this month is scheduled for Wednesday, October 30th from 10-12 PM. Going forward street sweeping will occur on the first Wednesday of the month from 12-2 PM. If you must feel free to park your vehicle in the clubhouse parking lot. The clubhouse parking lot is first-come, first-serve.

Lost and Found
For those who have picked up items in the lost and found pile, thank you. All the items remaining will be put out on the outside tables on Saturday, October 3rd and whatever is not claimed by the end of the day will be donated. The pictures attached are what is remaining.

Indoor Gym Sign-In Sheets
It is awesome to see the indoor gym being used by many members. Please remember to complete the sign-in sheet when using the indoor gym and take your temperature prior to using the facility. Please make sure to put down your name and phone number on the sign-in sheet as this is a requirement by the County for indoor operations for contact tracing.

Republic Services Bill
Auberge has a contract with Republic Services that states that the homes are billed individually but are part of the Del Sur Master Association pricing of $17 per home with an increase of 7% in year two & three. The Association had reached out to Republic Services to ensure that residents were paying that rate. If you did not see that reduction, please contact the Republic Services call center at 619.421.9400 and inform the call center that you want to talk to the local rep. All homeowners are responsible for their own trash bill.

Hand Sanitizing Stations
There are two (2) hand sanitizing stations that have been installed at the clubhouse for your convenience. One (1) is by the outdoor fitness area, and the other by the clubhouse pickleball court.

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