Notice of Proposed Rule Change

The temporary rules that were approved by the Board of the opened amenities have a time limit of 120 days. Per legal counsel, the rules need to be formally adopted to the Community Guidelines until the Board determines it appropriate to remove the COVID 19 Amenity Guidelines. Homeowners are requested to review and provide comments on the above proposed rules within twenty-eight (28) days of this notice.

Please provide comments by submitting comments to the Guidelines Committee by emailing them to me at You may also drop off written comments in the Association Inbox by Auberge Circle. This notice is enclosed and is posted on the clubhouse. Please provide comments no later than Tuesday, November 24th, 2020.

Community Landscaping Update

Welcome Green Horizons! The Green Horizons team has spent these first few weeks going through the community and ensuring that a general basic trimming is completed for each property. This helps create a uniform look and creates a baseline for them to begin. Please be patient as both Auberge and Green Horizons are learning and adjusting the process flows where necessary. I have received both positive and some negative feedback regarding their performance.

What seems to be occurring is a timing issue with trimming. How Green Horizons works is that a lead trimmer goes down the street and hand trims, behind him is another worker who rakes, details, and picks up trimmings. When the lead has completed a significant portion of the street, he returns to help the second person with clean up. Homeowners are coming outside and not seeing any landscapers and cleaning up the trimmings themselves. If you have an issue with the trimming of your property, please contact me BEFORE picking up any trimmings. This allows me to address the matter right away.

Please note that Green Horizons trims by plant type versus individual yard. This helps keep the entire community looking uniform, neat, and tidy. Within a few months you should not be able to tell where they have started and stopped within the community.

What’s Next:
Next month Green Horizons will begin to do more detailed trimming, focusing on making hedges and front entry plants uniform.

They are currently undertaking a full irrigation audit of the property. As you can imagine they are finding issues. Once we ensure the irrigation is working as designed, we will begin to fill in some replacement plantings.

What about the trees?
The trees have not been forgotten! You will begin to see the tree division onsite removing many of the existing tree stakes and re-staking those trees that still require some support. Tree thinning/trimming will begin, and once the irrigation is corrected replacement trees will be planted in several gap areas throughout the community.

Brush Management Update:
They did an excellent job with our brush clearing and the work has been completed as of October 20th. Going forward brush management will be scheduled late August on an annual basis.

Snake Sightings

I have received several reports of rattlesnakes and have confirmed that it is occurring throughout the Del Sur Community. In consultation with a Wildlife Animal Expert regarding snake removal we will be looking at putting down rattlesnake deterrent, called Snake Away. Homeowners may want to consider purchasing at any home supply store and applying the deterrent in your backyards.

Another recommendation was to perform habitat modification which entails thinning our current plantings as there are many front yards with dense landscaping that may invite snakes to nest. The landscape committee will be discussing with Green Horizons all of these items at their next meeting.