Spa Re-Opened
The Board has approved the temporary rules for the spa. The spa is now open. Please make sure to read the approved temporary rules attached. There is a maximum occupancy of 2 residents per one time and a 15 minute time limit if others are waiting. And a reminder that guests are still not permitted in all re-opened amenities at this time.

Dog Tags
Please make sure to have your animal have proper identification on them at all times. Recently, there was a dog that was found that had no collar. In the case that your animal may wander, having a dog tag will ensure that we can return the animal to you.

Animal Reminder
We continue to receive numerous reports regarding owners failing to pick up after their animal. There are dog stations around the community that have bags and trash cans for proper disposal. As a reminder, the City of San Diego Municipal Code states as follows:

§44.0304.1 COMMITTING NUISANCE. No person shall allow a dog in his/her custody to defecate or to urinate on public property or any improved private property other than that of the owner or person having control of the dog. It shall be the duty of all persons having control of a dog to curb such dog in order to carry out the intent of this section. The failure to do so and to immediately remove any feces to a proper receptacle constitutes a violation of this section.

Please be a responsible pet owner and keep Auberge clean and safe. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.