Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th in the afternoon from 12-2 PM. Please make sure to not park on the street to allow the sweeper to get right against the gutters. Feel free to park in the clubhouse parking lot if you need to. Also, do not forget to bring in your trash in on time to clear the streets.

Snake Sightings

I have received several reports of rattlesnakes and have confirmed that it is occurring throughout the Del Sur Community. In consultation with a Wildlife Animal Expert regarding snake removal we will be looking at putting down rattlesnake deterrent from your home supply store. If you have animals in your household, please make sure to read the labels to ensure that it is pet safe. A homeowner pointed out to me that Snake Away is not pet friendly. Please read the labels to make sure.

DRC Application Reminders

If you are doing ANY exterior changes to your home, please make sure to submit a DRC application BEFORE work is started. You can find the updated DRC application on the website.

November 2020 Community Newsletter

Attached, please find the Community Newsletter for November 2020 written by Mary Ann Pollock.