Disaster Preparedness

The American Red Cross is holding a series of disaster preparedness presentations in February via Zoom, free and open to the public. Please see attached flyer for more information.

Annual Smoke Detector Maintenance Tips

All homes in Auberge have smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector. These detectors are hard-wired into your home’s electrical system. However, they also have a 9-volt battery backup system that helps ensure continued functionality in a power failure case. As a reminder, the battery in these detectors should be replaced at least once a year. I have attached a sheet from Cal/Atlantic on “Annual Smoke Detector Maintenance Tips” that you should have received when you purchased your home.

After Hours Irrigation Leak Number

Apart from the grass-areas (such as the dog park, front picnic area, and pocket park), which have pop-up sprinklers, all of the irrigation on the property is underground, subterranean. If you by-chance observe a broken or nicked line, please contact the Green Horizons After-Hours line at (760) 745-1776 and press 3.

From Your Landscape Committee

Happy New Year from our Landscape Committee!

In addition to partnering with Green Horizons and establishing a regular maintenance schedule, our focus for the fourth quarter was to remove and restake the community’s trees. We’re happy to report that this has been completed, along with the trimming of the trees in our front entry and clubhouse area. Also, over 200 carissa and jasmine plants were added to our street planters and parkways. With Spring just around the corner, the community should begin to look very green and lush.

Our first quarter focus will be on the front entry. We have worked with the Green Horizons landscape designer on a proposal presented at our next Board meeting. Once approved, our goal is to have it installed and completed by March 2021. It includes flowering plants to add additional color and even raising the “Auberge” entry rock so that we can read it!

The second quarter’s focus will be on our trees. It will include any needed tree replacement as well as this year’s schedule for trimming.

Brush Management has already been scheduled with Green Horizons. Per the City, brush management activity is not allowed March 1 through August 15 in coastal sage scrub, maritime succulent scrub, or coastal sage-chaparral habitats unless an exception is specifically granted. Green Horizons will be performing brush management in the third week of August, August 16 through August 20.

Currently, the Green Horizons team is working on the following:

  • They are spraying all the Cherry Laurel trees and plants throughout the community. The majority of us have these in our yards, generally by the front door entry. They have a disease called “shot hole.” With spraying, water (hope for rain), and the spring fertilizer, they should all come back nice and green. There have been several tickets opened for these plants. Please know that we are monitoring all of them throughout the community closely.
  • The first week in February, a weed pre-emergent will be applied to all grass areas. It is pet and child safe, and the typical signs will be displayed to have the exact timeframe.
  • Green Horizons targets February to get us a set rotation schedule that can be published to the homeowners. This rotation schedule will let you know when to expect them in your area. Once received, we will post it on our Auberge website for reference.
  • They are performing corrective pruning/rejuvenation on all of the dietes throughout the community. For the time being, it will look like the picture below but will soon produce new leaves – please be patient with this plant!