Board Vacancy

As of December 22, 2020, there is a board vacancy as a board member resigned. If you would like to fill the vacancy by Board appointment, please complete the attached Board Candidacy Statement and submit it to me by Monday, January 11th, 2021 by 5 PM. You can submit it via hardcopy or email. This appointment will serve till May 2022. The Board will be conducting interviews in closed session and making the appointment at their January 26th Board Meeting. If you have questions about serving on the board, please reach out to me.

Out of Office

I will not be in office on Thursday, December 24th through Friday, December 25th, as well as December 31st through Friday, January 1st due to the holiday and new year.

Safety -Bike Riding in the Community

I have received a few reports that owners who were backing out of their driveways almost having a run-in with owners on their bikes because they could not see them in their rear-view mirror. Just a reminder that if you bike ride around the community, please be careful of vehicles backing out of their driveway.

Dog Stations and Doggie Bags

This is another reminder to please pick up after your animals. There are seven (7) dog stations around the community where owners can take and dispose a bag on their walks. Feel free to utilize this amenity. In addition, please make sure that your animal stays on your property and is not roaming to other neighbors’ properties.

Street Sweeping Day Change

As there was a scheduling conflict with the landscapers being onsite while the street sweeper performs the service, the day of the street sweeping. The next scheduled street sweeping day will be January 7, 2021 from 12-2 PM. The service has changed from the first Wednesday of the month to the first Thursday of the month.

I wish you a safe and happy holiday season! Take care.